Northopedic othopedic shoe Vancouver


Please find below a detailed description of the orthopedic modifications listed on the NORTHOPEDIC prescription form.


Northopedic othopedic shoe Vancouver


We ‘split’ the sole and insert Lifts, keeping the original walking surface of the soles intact. If splitting is not possible, lifts are added to the walking surface of the shoe matching material and colour of the original sole.

Unilateral lifts are applied to footwear for patients with a Leg Length Discrepancy (LLD). Rockers (bilateral lifts) stiffen the soles to control rocking motion while walking.

The profile of lifts and rockers is measured in millimetres (MM) at three points on the sole using the rocker profile formula: (H) Heel Centre=100%; (B) Ball (widest area on sole)=75%; (T) Toe Tip=25%. Heel to ball lifts: taper from ball line to heel. Heel lift only: taper starts 12MM proximal from ball line.

Rocker profiles: Short: tapering forefoot --2/3 distance between ball line and toe, Medium: tapering --1/3 distance between ball line and toe, Long: begin at ball line-- taper to toe.

Standard: taper straight through the centre line. We can deviate from this when needed to accommodate the patient’s stance by moving the lowest point of taper at toe tip medially or laterally oblique. Standards: (M) Medial oblique --12 degree angle from centre line; (L) Lateral oblique --8 degree angle from centre line.

Sole Flares

Northopedic othopedic shoe Vancouver


Sole Flares are added Left, Right or Bilaterally --Medial, Lateral or both to increase width of contact surface to the ground, increasing stability. Standard widths of sole flares --6MM, 9MM or 12MM. Sole flare length measures from centre seam of heel counter to 6MM behind (posterior) the ball. Sole flares extended to upper part of shoe create a ‘wall’ (Buttress), increasing stability.


Northopedic othopedic shoe Vancouver

Shanks/plates are embedded inside the sole to stiffen the shoe and are made of plastic, metal or carbon fibre. Standard --Full Length or Forefoot Only. Shanks are installed with or without (bilateral) rockers or (unilateral) LLD lift. Shanks with rockers create extra stiffness and complete control over rocker profile. Toe profile is neutral, medially or laterally oblique. Shanks/plates are flexible (Spring Plate) or stiff (Rigid Plate).

Repairs & Lace to Velcro Conversions

Northopedic othopedic shoe Vancouver

Repairs: Heel lifts/Wedges, to repair worn heels; Half soles, to repair worn soles; Full soles, to replace the complete bottom of shoes; Stretch shoes or install a Balloon Patch to relieve pressure areas.

Bilateral laces to Velcro conversions --Conversions are beneficial to patients with dificulty tying shoe laces. We design a 2 strap or 3 strap  system or 1 strap (pad) system. With the pad system laces stay in place, become decorative and closure is made with Velcro.

For information about more customized modifications please contact us.

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